OUR MISSION: LAI SERVICES, LLC is a Service - Disabled Veteran - Owned, Small Business dedicated to improving the effectiveness of Government and Industry in executing their duties. Our Mission is to bring to clients and team partners the benefits of the extensive experience of our key staff in the logistics of business operations and supply chain management. 
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The majority owner of LAI Services LLC is the previous owner of a large, highly successful government contractor. He has a lifelong commitment to well planned and executed performance of multiple teams of interrelated skill sets, applied at the appropriate times, with the necessary systems and equipment. His professional satisfaction is to provide clients with the optimum completion of their tasks. Click here to add text.
The key staff brings extensive business logistics experience to clients and partners that includes: ● Development and implementation of cradle to grave procurement operations for government Agencies and Departments encompassing specification of requirements, determination of quality and reporting requirements, RFP & IFB preparation, conduct of solicitations, technical and cost/price evaluation, negotiation, and then administration including change orders/supplemental modifications, inspection/acceptance, payment and closeout, ● Distribution and inventory management, ● Domestic and international operations, ●Government business process operations, ●Design and construction management.
Although the types of business logistics experience of the key staff is extremely diverse; similar management techniques are used for all successful support. The techniques include:  ●Understanding the client’s, desired outcome (product or service, quality expectations, timeframe, etc), ●Breaking the outcome into tasks that can each be managed by individuals and ●Providing each task manager with adequate resources, direction, schedule and a clear understanding of the performance expectations. Then, as a leadership function, ● corporate’s continued involvement with the progress of the managers. This approach gives the company the best possible certainty to a) keep clients accurately informed of progress on their undertakings and b) be able to identify problems with approach, systems and personnel early in the process so as to c) avoid contract impacts and to make appropriate corrections and performance adjustments.
BENEFITS of using LAI SERVICES, LLC on business logistics and supply chain management requirements expected to be performed by a small business or by a protected category of small business are several and genuinely tangible right from start-up. They fall into three categories: ●Human Resource Experience, ●Well Financed and ●Lack of Arrogance. Because the key staff at LAI SERVICES, LLC have so many years of experience operating a large business they have experienced the start up of many service contracts (SCA) as winners of those contracts transitioning in and as losers transitioning out.
HR Experience has taught us how to avoid abuse of incumbent staff as we assume a contract: The value of some extra hand holding for transitioning staff uncertain as to what will become of their jobs, assurances with respect to their vacation and SCA wages … how their health benefits will transition … are critically important for uninterrupted performance at the required quality level. We have also experienced the need for rapid recruiting, screening and hiring of staff where incumbents are not available or require replacement or supplementation. Our experience with automated recruiting resources, professional organizations and publications, state agencies and word of mouth are extensive and effective. We place satisfied, competent staff into the operations we support.   LAI SERVICES, LLC is Well Financed. Unlike many small organizations that are truly bootstrapping an operation using Government resources (“We’ll buy this, or that, after we get our first payment”); our company comes to clients with the resources to really start a project properly on day one – there is no “approval” of a loan committee involved (Clients are frequently not aware of this process until a loan or line is declined). Lack of Arrogance – We don’t know everything and the management of LAI SERVICES LLC has been successfully productive long enough to know when it is best to ask for help in the form of advice from a client or an outside specialist. We promise not to “BS” you.